Maïlys asked me to do the portrait of her horse, Utawa. Started a beautiful adventure because finally, it was not just a portrait, it was more than a portrait, something bigger.

It’s not the first time I tell you about the sensation sometimes I feel during the process of creation of a painting, especially with passed away horses. A feeling of love, a deep sensation of well-being.

I know deep down that I have something to do with that, I know how I can find unconsciously emotions in the horses I paint. Many collectors or fans told me that I paint the soul of the animal.

Then, Quantum Communication crossed my path. I felt so called by this irresistibly. I know now that one way or another I’ve always “communicate” with the horses I’ve paint or even the painting itself.

I feel so connected to them 🧡

Now I’m in the middle of the training course of the @communicationquantique and I’ve made my first “official” communication with Utawa:

Who am I ?
I am the keeper of the herd. I love my new Guardian as much as she loves me. I’m a little joker in my spare time who likes to do some silly things, Rascal could have been my middle name. I don’t like to be bored, I like it when things move.

Do you have a message?
I am strong and endure the pain, I am always there if the emotions are too strong, I help to digest them. I like massages and hugs which also help to convey emotions. In the hollow of my auburn dress, I console and give a little of my power.

The best part was the reaction of Maïlys, her owner. She totally recognized his horse through his words, she was very moved (and me as well!).

All this is like a puzzle for me during all these years of my art practice. I know now why you feel so many things in front of my paintings, all makes sense.

Thank you.