This painting is about a shaman horse that we all met one day. The one that given us all his love, his compassion, his magical side. That kind of horse with a strong calm and magnetic power deep inside. The one with we feel invulnerable. I’m sure you know what I mean.

My model is the horse of @creativeplenitude named Shogun (love his name… 😍) and in him, even if I don’t know him personally, I think and feel that he have a big presence, a natural force that one we could bow down to him every morning to glorify his being.

I’ve a shaman horse in my life named « Moumou » and I’ve found the same energy in him. Moumou is my friend’s horse, a special mare in my heart ❤️ .

And you? Do you have a shaman horse in your life?

« The Shaman »
acrylic & black chalk painting on canvas


Talking about my paintings has used to be a so much hard exercise for me during years because I didn’t really know me, not at all actually. I found out that the more I was aware of what I was, the more I could talk about my art. And the more I talk about my art, the more I know me.
These are my interpretations of the moment of one of my paintings. You could have yours and it would be very fine, this is the magic of art. It actually allows our own feelings, our vision of life to express through the mirror of the art. Follow your heart and it’ll tell you your truth.