In today’s Story, I talked to you a bit about the Quantique Communication I jumped in recently. Yes literally jumped into it! It has spoken to me intensely.

Before this meeting and to (try to) explain to you what is about, and since a few years now, I try to put in words my art. It feels right for me. But it wasn’t so easy and sometimes I was inspired, sometimes not.

Since January I’ve met the Quantum Communication leaded by Agathe (@communicationquantique ). At that time I really didn’t know how this could help me with my art. But I’ve let it that go & see.

Today it becomes more clear and obvious. This communication of all possibilities with everything (a really too short definition but here it’s enough) allows me to interact with my paintings. A unique language of my own that I start to established. And no matter with whom I speak about, if it’s actually the painting or me through them or else.

I love communicating with my horses in art (and in reality as well! 😅) and now I feel that it’ll be more & more fluid and easier.

Now you would like to know what this head has to say, wouldn’t you? Obviously, he murmured to me that now we understand each other! You understood me.

That was the point of this post.