I’m not that old to say that but I don’t want to fight with myself.

My head imagined something lighter, simpler in the transcription… ok. And, my other parts of me have done something all but simple.

First I was disappointed.

Later on: so did I feel the joy to do it, a rush of intense happiness? The answer is definitely yes!

So, what else? Nothing. The answer is already here.

Because I wanted something different (whatever it is some lightness or try to paint on ceramic or draw with one hand…), it has provoked something in me and I figured out how to do something new, be that as it may.

Here, I got around the basis request in going and finding colors I don’t use to feel the painting lighter.

Finally, I reached my goal! Not how I imagined… We say that the most important is the path, right?

“Expression 18t” – Acrylic & pencil on paper, 40×30 cm
🌟 Available here