1/3 – I think it’s the good time to speak to you about a project that saved my artistic life.

Back in 2018, I’ve had hit rock bottom at art level. I was not ok with what I did without knowing why exactly.

At that time I’ve started to run. A little but quickly often, 3 times a week. It felt so good to me that I forgot my bad mood. During my sessions, ideas of paintings came to me. But not horse or animal or portrait… no, something more with the running! Flashes of colors and shapes hit me each time I ran. What was I going to do with all of this??

And I leaped into the void… a small void first. I’ve made some small sketches then small canvas.

I wanted something energetic, in motion, related to earth, breath, air… to sensations I had during running… in short, not easy!

… to be continued