3/3 – Running is a story of land, water, smell, air, green, action and so many other sensations…

I started I really don’t know how or why. Should there be a reason anyway?

As a faithful friend, she accompanied me during my artistic burnout, carried me, challenged me, put me down too. I didn’t know it but it was to get up better and run even faster and faster. Running has the ability to hurt you while doing you good.

To run gave me the opportunity to gave up and let go everything when I was in front of my blank canvas. I was just me, entirely me.

From there came the deep happiness of reconnecting with what I loved the most, painting and drawing, and above all reconnecting with myself. This intimate conviction that if I remained in listening to myself, art would follow. Because it would be mine and therefore unique.

And then one day, without having planned it, even though I thought I could no longer do them again, the horses came back.

Freer, more true, more me.