Some clues to why I’m not drawing ears…

When you are almost silent, how can you be heard? How to show your discomfort? How do you cry out to the world that it doesn’t go well? Or how do you show the others that they have crossed the line?

As a horsewoman, I was taught the language of the ears very early on. Obvious, clear and precise, we can quickly judge whether it is better to stand aside, change our attitude or if our carrots are welcome. The rest of the body is sidelined a bit and I had to figure it out on my own on the job.

I quickly realized that the ears it’s ok but that in reality the whole body participated in the expression of his emotions. And in a very subtle way. A quivering of the nostrils, an eye that narrows, almost imperceptibly but it’s there and it shows an annoyance, at least.

To miss signs is to push him to its limits. That’s inviting him to shout louder to be heard.

And that’s why I don’t draw ears in the most of my painting. Because it’s too obvious, too easy to interpret. I prefer the subtlety of the eyes & nostrils or a general attitude.


Talking about my paintings has used to be a so much hard exercise for me during years because I didn’t really know me, not at all actually. I found out that the more I was aware of what I was, the more I could talk about my art. And the more I talk about my art, the more I know me.
These are my interpretations of the moment of one of my paintings. You could have yours and it would be very fine, this is the magic of art. It actually allows our own feelings, our vision of life to express through the mirror of the art. Follow your heart and it’ll tell you your truth.