This thing about ears that seem to miss for some people. While for others, they even noticed that they don’t appear.

It fascinates me.

It was at first an unconscious choice as if intuitively I knew that ears don’t do everything.

Finally, little by little, it was a real choice from me. I think that ears are too obvious for equestrian people, I don’t want them to be focused on them too much. I want them to be able to really feel what the horse sends back to them as a sensation. Because that feeling can change from one day to another.

Sometimes, the horse will be serene, other times, he’ll be curious or a bit intrigued. If I would have painted the ears, there wouldn’t be this infinite possibility.

The last thing is that the central point in my portraits is the eyes. I want the focus to be on the eyes. They tell so much.

🙉 The question for you is: is this horse doesn’t allow you to feel something, even without ears?

🌙 this painting is available on my etsy shop
⭐️ painting on canvas, 50×50 cm