Painting created for the challenge of the month with the Paard Verzameld Collective. Far away from subjects I usually approach, it nevertheless spoke to me.

I wanted a foal from my mare at the time and this event marked me as I’ve attended the birth. It’s a mix of sensations that are both very beautiful and very terrifying. I was excited and very stressed. Afraid that things will go wrong, afraid that the foal will not survive, that there will have some problem. And at the same time, fascinated by the life to come, the pain of my mare who was spinning in her box, blew, lay down, got up… the silence that reigned, I think we all murmured to not disturb this sacred moment.

And then a tip of a nose appeared, then the forelegs and finally this already huge but so frail body. A filly!

This painting is finally all these emotions at once with the idea of ​​protection no matter what. The foal sticking to its mother, at all cost. He allows himself a look elsewhere while the mother is all in her concentration.

« Equine Nude 112t »
charcoal & black chalk drawing on paper


Talking about my paintings has used to be a so much hard exercise for me during years because I didn’t really know me, not at all actually. I found out that the more I was aware of what I was, the more I could talk about my art. And the more I talk about my art, the more I know me.
These are my interpretations of the moment of one of my paintings. You could have yours and it would be very fine, this is the magic of art. It actually allows our own feelings, our vision of life to express through the mirror of the art. Follow your heart and it’ll tell you your truth.