I can say now with a hindsight of few months that this painting was a turn for my color palette.

I’ve made this painting for the last challenge of the 2019 year with @paardverzameld. The subject was Whistlejacket from George Stubbs. Create our Whistlejacket with our style, our sensibility.

For me it was obvious, I focused on the eye, head and the neck. I wanted to focused the observer look on this expressive part. Without neglecting the strong global attitude, the level of energy emanating from the entire body posture.

Even if it was not my usual colors, the idea was to keep the ambiance of the original, warm and sweet. So I’ve decided to try a new range of colors that was not mine: earthy green and something close to brown-orangish.

Quickly I found myself out very at ease with this earthy tones. I confess that I hesitated to add a blue… yeah I know habits are strong!

After that painting, I used more warm tones and less blues. Until removing blue in 4 very recent paintings! If you know me well… you know that it’s kind of a miracle!

« My Whistlejacket »
acrylic & black chalk painting on canvas

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