Contemplating horses in a field. Watching them evolve in a natural environment, free of humans is always fascinating. I’ve quickly figured out that they create a zen space, calm and serene. At 90% of their daily time, there is no aggression, just interactions. And very subtle interactions! A 2 mm ear move and the horse in front push his body away. No need to shout or gallop like a crazy to be heard.

No doubt that if I move eyebrows in front of a guy in the post office to show him that I’m very angry… he’ll surely never even see that my face has changed!

That’s a shame. We lost our understanding of body language the same time the modernity growth. Unfortunately, I happened to know recently that we speak with our body at something like 80% and words with the remaining %. Huge!

It comes as no surprise that we’re not very efficient to understand our 4 hairy legs we adore.

✨Painting on canvas without a wood stretcher, 160 x 80 cm
☀️ Available on my Etsy shop

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